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Discovering Lysteda and Slowing Down My Period Way Down!

I haven't had much to add the last couple of months.  Just been on the ever constant cycle of infusions.  I had my last infusion in June.  I decided that, despite the way iron pills affect me, I was going to find a 'gentle' iron and take it daily.   I really wanted to prolong the time between infusions.

Oh, the daily iron caused so much pain.  I 'stomached' through it but I just don't do iron pills well.  So, in July my doctor decides we should check my levels.  My ferritin was down to about 10.  So discouraging.  I lost ferritin and iron more quickly that month. 

Well, I chucked the iron pills.  Not worth it.  I also put off my infusion a month.  With a level of 10, I'm considered borderline and they are okay if I wait. 

So, had my infusion in August.

In the meantime, my OB GYN and I have been discussing what to do about my period.  Not sure my period is the cause of my iron-deficiency anemia but it can't be helping. 

A couple years ago, I made the mistake of trying the hCG diet. Biggest mistake ever! That threw my period, which has always had issues anyway, into a tail spin.  I bled heavier than ever before and was battling dizziness and the feeling of passing out.  Stopped the diet but by that time, it has already done on a number on my body.  My periods have been a lot worse since that diet to the point where I suffer from 'flooding' during many of my cycles (and anybody who has been through 'flooding' knows exactly what I am talking about).

A hysterectomy may be in my near future but we're trying a couple other things first.  Long story but an ablation is not the way we are going to go.  With a heart-shaped uterus, it could make things worse.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Lysteda.  She said it would lighten my period.  After she gave me the prescription, I got my period but it was really light (which is a rarity these days) so I didn't fill it.  Then a few weeks later, I got my period again.  It started yesterday and it was so incredibly heavy.  I was filling one of those massive overnight pads in less than an hour.  I decided to go fill the prescription.  Was surprised to find there was no copay for the generic brand, Tranexamic Acid.  I had looked online and everybody was discussing how pricy this medication was.  If it was over $100, I had vowed not to pay it but you can't beat free!

Came home and took two pills.  Wasn't expecting the utter and complete exhaustion that came along with those pills.  Took a look at the bottle and it warned not to drive or operate dangerous machinery.  No problem.  Took a nap.  Woke up about 90 minutes later and my period had slowed to spotting.  Took two pills again at bedtime and there had only been a light flow.   When I took the first two pills, I had been bleeding very heavily still.

I haven't taken them yet today because they do cause me to become very sleepy and I have a busy day ahead of me.  But, my period hasn't picked back up yet. 

The doctor and pharmacist said these pills are non-hormonal and you only take them when you have your period.

Don't know if this will prolong my time between infusions but I'll keep you updated.  Even if it doesn't, just slowing down the bleeding is so very much worth it.  I talk to so many women who do have IDA as a result of heavy periods.  Not sure if Lysteda will help but couldn't hurt to talk to your doctor. 

NEXT DAY UPDATE:  So, I was so busy carting the kids around yesterday and did not want to be sleepy so I did not take any more pills.  My bleeding was just light until about mid afternoon.  At that point it picked up but still wasn't super heavy.  I decided to wait until bed time to take more pills but by that time it was light so I didn't take anything.  Today, still spotting.  So, recap, I took two pills twice on Monday and that has been it.  It definitely changed the flow and made it much, much more manageable.  I usually only have two to three heavy days and then it is manageable.  If it is stays this way, I'll just wait until my next period and start taking it as soon as it starts getting heavy. 


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