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Had a Hysterectomy! Did it FINALLY Cure My Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Last I posted, I mentioned the possibility of a hysterectomy.  Long story short (perhaps I'll blog about that next), my surgery was canceled because the insurance company decided the day before the surgery they would not pay for it!  To say I was a mess that day is a huge understatement.

Fast forward, I sent the insurance company a long letter detailing my day-to-day existence with anemia and the side effects from my too-frequent infusions. They approved the surgery.

I'll blog more on the experience of surgery but I ended up having a Da Vinci Robotic Hysterectomy.  The doctor made four small incisions and operated the controls from outside my body! 

Let me just say, this surgery was far more difficult on me than I thought it would be.  Recovery has been slow but, reading online, I see that is common for many women which makes me feel just a bit better.

About six weeks after my surgery, I had my bloodwork done.  I was a nervous wreck.  I didn't feel anemic but, then again, I was still having issues from my surgery so I didn't know if they were just 'masking' that exhausted dragging-through-life feeling.  But, like I said, that tiredness did not feel like the same type of exhaustion at all.

So, I get my bloodwork done and have to wait all weekend (and that weekend moved SO slowly).

I called first thing Monday morning.  They're not in!  Argh! 

A few hours later, I'm waiting for my daughter and decide to check my health portal.  Results are in!

Now, before I give my results, I was due for new infusions the month before.  With having had a heavy period before my surgery as well as some bleeding after surgery, I should be really due!

My levels were normal!

No, not just normal, my hemoglobin was smack dab in the middle of normal!  Since being diagnosed with anemia almost fourteen years ago, that has never happened.

I'll be tested again in a couple months but looks like I no longer have Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Happy Day!


  1. Sorry that your recovery has been tough, but that is great news that it might have solved your iron problems. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

    1. Thanks Kellie! Such a relief. I was starting to feel as if I traded a host of problems (related to surgery) for my anemia but, as the weeks past, I'm feeling more and more like my old self and just thrilled to be done with infusions!

    2. This sounds so much like my life! I am struggling with the decision at this very moment! Do I have a hysterectomy or not? If you don't mind my asking, did you remove just your uterus or the cervix too?

    3. Hang in there! The doctor ended up leaving my ovaries because she said they looked fine (once she started poking around in there) but took everything else. It has now been eight months since my last infusion! My ferritin has dropped a bit since the last test a few months ago but still in normal range. I need to update this but it took me about four months to heal. It was a bit rough but would I do it again? Oh yes I would! Please, keep me updated. You can email too if you like

  2. So glad to have come across your blog! I an going through this right now. I am severely anemic with a 4% iron saturation . I have my first iron infusion next week. They say it's supposed to last a year but I'm absorbing no iron hardly that I would need to repeat it in a few months. It doesn't help that there is also a digestive issue. I have the worst heavy periods ever and the Dr. .said this is why im anemic and I will continue like this until I hit menopause or get a hysterectomy. I am so on the fence. I'm not sure how expensive these iron infusions will be if I keep having them for the next 5 years or so. Is it worth it me having a hysterectomy when I hear horror stories. Ive had my tubes tied so no more babies but I'm miserable either way with heavy bleeding. It's sooo bad I can't leave the house and miss work. At the same time the anemic has taken over my quality of life, I'm not the same person, always tired, headaches, dizziness, restless leg syndrome you name it I got it. I have 2 young boys and I hate that I'm always down. Can you pls provide another update that would be wonderful.

    1. I do need to update this. I can tell you, while the surgery was tough, it was so worth it! Infusions were really hard on me and I was always either just drop-dead tired or ill from the treatments. Four months of healing from surgery was so worth it for me. Many women feel better much sooner than that. I will update my blog. Please, keep me updated on you and what you decide to do.


  3. Hi, just reading your blog and its very informative! You actually sound just like me! I'm curious how you are today? Are you still happy with your decision? I'm very anemic and my Dr. want to start me on different things and start experimenting with different options or a hysterectomy. I'm VERY sensitive to meds and I always get the horrid symptoms. I don't really want to experiment, I'm about ready to throw in the towel and just get the hysterectomy. You seem a lot like myself and so I'm curious how you are doing? Thank for the great blog, not even sure how I got here!

    1. Hi Brooke. Oh my, yes! I was just sharing with a friend this morning how happy I am that I had a hysterectomy. I really didn't think that would be the solution so I put it off for years. I mean, we stopped my period with birth control and I still needed infusions. Turns out, I had adenomysis and I have not had an infusion in 14 months! I would recommend that you find a really good doctor who will really listen to you. I have a good doctor now and wish so much she had done my surgery. I've had some issues from the surgery and very little support from that doctor but finally found a good one. Please, keep me updated!


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