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Eight Months Post Hysterectomy - Blood Work To Confirm No More Anemia

I can't believe it has been eight months since my hysterectomy.  While the first four months were a mite difficult for me, I am still so thankful I had it done.

Got my third set of labs back to today.  We've been monitoring my ferritin.  My hemoglobin has been great (in the 14!) but ferritin had been dropping and was on the low side of normal earlier this summer.  That made me nervous.

Good news though, got my labs back and my ferritin rose by eight points!  I've never seen my ferritin rise without an infusion.  Wow!

Last year by September, I had had numerous infusions.  I have not had any since last December!  Wow!

I was so skeptical a hysterectomy would work.  I put it off and put it off.  Wish I'd done this much sooner.  There are some downsides to a hysterectomy at least to my hysterectomy and I'll blog about those soon.  But, even with the downsides, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.